Is A Part of Our Mission.

One of the biggest shocks of new motherhood is this sudden change in roles from business professional to stay at home mom, even if just for the first 12 weeks. This new role comes with isolation and exhaustion- two of the major factors that contribute to the onset of postpartum depression. Our community is built to serve and support you unlike any other business in the area. 
Doulas of Capitol Hill wants new families to know they are not alone. 

Community Offerings

Monthly Meet and Greets
Class Reunions
New Parent Potluck
Daddy and Me Socials

Giving Back

Community of Hope is a Not for Profit organization that ‘strives every day to provide our underserved neighbors with the building blocks they each need to create meaningful lives and a better future. By doing so, we believe all families, including children, in Washington, DC will be healthy, stably housed, well educated, and financially secure.’ In an effort to help keep DC children safe, Doulas of Capitol Hill donates 20% of the proceeds of a car seat installation towards purchasing car seats for families that cannot afford one, keeping our community safer, one seat at a time.