The Key to Personalized Support is Based on Your Preferences.

 When looking for a birth or postpartum doula we collaboratively select the best person to join you. This process takes into account that most people are looking for someone with the right skills and experience for their birth and postpartum goals, someone who is a good match for their personality and someone who they trust. Explore the options below to discover various ways to find your best match!

Because this is a unique and private time in the life of a family, we at Doulas of Capitol Hill believe that finding the personality which best matches yours is a key ingredient to a successful match. To help achieve the most compatible match we encourage all of our clients to complete a 10 Question Personality Quiz as a part of the selection process. 


We understand that some of our clients are looking for specific  information during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and having someone experienced in specific areas might be a deciding factor. To aid this selection, DCH utilizes an innovative client matching system based on a 20 point profile that you complete.


If following your instinct is your guiding factor, please take a look at the Individual Profiles on our Birth Professionals page. On the profile page you will see our doulas and read a little about their personal and professional backgrounds. Then, come to a Meet the Doula night, or call/email to schedule an interview with one or several of our doulas.