To Capture Incredible Moments.

Hard work. Overwhelming joy. Tear-filled eyes and open hearts. Your birth story is filled with tiny details and once in a lifetime moments-memories that will be passed down to future generations. A birth photographer is professionally trained to anticipate which moments you will want in photographs, and the skills to capture angles that reflect the story with as much or as little detail as you wish. 

If We Hire a Birth Photographer,
What Should We Expect to Receive?

 A photographer for your birth will be on call for you and attend your birth starting at the end of active labor. This will allow for photos of your labor, birth and postpartum as a part of your story. The photographer is trained to work in low lighting and is attuned to the room  to capture moments you would otherwise miss, such as the first moment you meet your baby, your partner cutting the cord, and the celebration of birth as a family. A birth photographer will consult with the parents to photograph as little or as much as you choose. She has worked with families that are extremely modest and those that are comfortable with all of the messy moments of birth. Your birth photographer will edit your photos to bring out the beauty of your experience and will provide you with the options of an online gallery, prints, or memory collections.

Couldn't My Family or Partner Take Some Photos?

 Similar to the work of a wedding photographer, a birth photographer understands that there are fleeting moments that are meant to be captured. Relying on friends or family to anticipate these moments does not give them the chance to enjoy the moments while they are happening. Your family or partner will be wrapped up in the intensity of the birth process and photos become an afterthought. A birth photographer has equipment to manage various lighting, anticipates  upcoming moments, and is prepared to get the shot, all while your support team is paying attention to you and your new baby.  There are only a few times in your life that you will remember forever, and it is the photographers job to capture the process, strength, struggle, and emotion that tells the story of  becoming a mother.