Prenatal Education for the Modern Family.

Doulas of Capitol Hill  is excited to be partnering with Nested, DC's premier childbirth teachers, to offer tailored classes that bridge childbirth preparation with a modern, hands on approach geared towards busy families in the DC/MD/VA community. 
Whether you decide on private workshops or group classes, everyone will get the chance to learn about pregnancy health, relaxation, labor anatomy and physiology, pain management, and common variations and complications. Each class series will include hands on activities, child birthing videos, relaxation methods and  practice exercises, designed specifically for labor and delivery in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding hospitals. You will also get to meet and socialize with other soon to be parents! In addition to providing exceptional classroom education, Nested promotes good health in our community and around the world. By participating in classes, you are also investing in a company that donates a significant portion of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations. 


 Classes include thorough and judgment-free discussion of all labor and delivery scenarios, including epidurals and c-sections so you are prepared for whatever situation you choose or that may arise.

Doulas of Capitol Hill offers exclusive private classes for our doula clients, including Childbirth Education, Postpartum 101, and Breastfeeding Basics.

Nested offers both group and private classes that include Preconception Planning, Childbirth Education, Infant CPR, and Next Steps.