To Learn New Skills.

Although breastfeeding is a normal human experience, it is a learned skill, and can often be an emotionally and physically challenging process. Timely, sensitive support and up to date information can guide new parents and babies through the first days of the nursing relationship and tackle long term obstacles. Parents who feel nurtured and supported are more likely to make it through the initial challenging weeks and go onto a successful breastfeeding experience, however they define that relationship.
Doulas of Capitol Hill supports all families and their feeding choices.

If I Hire Lactation Support What Should I Expect to Receive?

Lactation support is recommended for all new families if breastfeeding is a part of your feeding plan. We provide both a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to help manage any issue that can occur. Our lactation specialists will come to your home for an initial assessment to get the chance to know you, listen to your birth story, and help you establish a feeding plan that promotes growth for your infant as well as your milk supply. The goal of our specialists is to help you find a feeding balance that works for your family; this may or may not include breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding. The help you receive can be done in as little as 1-2 appointments, or as package that provides more long term support. 

What Is the Difference Between a CLC and an IBCLC?

A CLC and an IBCLC are both prepared and expected to perform the same tasks including but not limited to assessment, advocacy, education and counseling. Generally, a CLC is used for helping with the normal course of breastfeeding. She can help with latching issues, position challenges, develop a breastfeeding support plan, advice on pumping, returning to work, weaning and supplementing. An IBCLC can do all of the things a CLC can do but has specialized training to deal with less common issues such as assessing a tongue tie and lip ties and offering referrals for revision, managing poor weight gain, the use of equipment such as nipple shields/supplemental nursing systems, chronic low supply, prior breast surgery and insufficient glandular tissue. Both CLC's and IBCLC's are available for your convenience and scheduling.