The holiday season is filled with so much joy and celebration. But we know that it can also bring on a lot of stress and heavy comfort foods. For the months of November and December Doulas of Capitol Hill is celebrating how to have a healthy holiday season. One of the ways we want to encourage you to participate in the holidays, while minding your health, is by providing some easy and delicious recipes. Our team chef and postpartum doula, Vanessa Fowler is sharing one of those recipes with you today.

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By Vanessa Fowler

I decided to come up with different kinds of granola, mainly for my husband, and I love this one in particular. He is not a big breakfast person but I am. I think it makes for a better day because it makes for a better you. He does eat cereal so I wanted to make it a bit healthier. Plus, I always find him getting frustrated down the cereal aisle because it’s often all sugar or healthy but no flavor. Winters Granola came about with the thought of just wanting to bring warmth and flavor of the season to my husband during the winter while he is at work. It’s brought us so much joy!

Now I am able to share my Winters Granola with all of you. May it bring you warmth and flavor of the season and as much joy to your family as it has to mine.

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One of our wonderful Instagram followers suggested adding some dates if you're towards the end of your pregnancy, and we love that idea!

There have been numerous studies that show the positive effects of dates on the outcome of labor.

According to Mama Natural A study published in 2017: Date fruit consumption at term: Effect on length of gestation, labour and delivery.

Published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, this study supported all the initial findings. The authors concluded that:

“Dates fruit consumption during late pregnancy has been shown to positively affect the outcome of labour and delivery without adverse effect on the mother and child.”

So go ahead and get the go ahead from your provider and then pile on those dates!

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