Colorado midwife, Jessica Nipp says, “Babies are not “stubborn” or “reluctant” or “giving their mommies a hard time.”  They have no idea that they are expected to *come out* because they don’t understand that they are *in*. They have always existed there and don’t realize that things will ever change. A recent study indicated that one of the factors that triggers labor is a chemical released by the baby's lungs into the amniotic fluid. Once That chemical is present in sufficient amounts, the mother’s body is triggered to begin labor, because it has received the indication that the baby’s lungs are strong enough to breathe and survive independently.”

Due date graphic.png

So, in honor of all the people who are waiting for baby to arrive, we share some things to do while you wait.  

  1. Watch the movie “Due Date” 

    We all know laughter is the best medicine.  And chances are, if you’re at the end of your pregnancy then your body is feeling “done.”  So kick up your feet up and watch a funny movie like Due Date. Laughter helps release pain numbing endorphins. A good belly laugh is one of the most effective forms of pain relief. 

  2. Prep freezer meals- or- have a doula do it for you

    You may hire a postpartum doula to come and do this for you! Yes, #PostpartumDoulasDoThat In fact, two of our doulas are also personal chefs.  While we’d love for you to tap into their services for sleep help or general expertise after your baby arrives, there’s something reassuring about being stocked with meals before baby (or babies) make the grand entrance.  Looking for vegetarian, vegan, or have some other dietary priority? We’ve got you covered and can even do the shopping for you! Want to DIY? Try Once a Month Mom for some great ideas.  

  3. Write out your vision for this birth and/or your preferences

    Maybe you’ve already created a “birth plan” with your doula.  If so, great! But every doctor, midwife, and nurse will tell you that birth is unpredictable. Your doula will likely tell you that the real power isn’t in the “plan” but in knowing your options and deciding what’s most important to you about your experience, however that unfolds.    So go ahead and write it out! Put three bullet points on a 3 x 5 index card. Visualize or imagine your best birth in your mind, whether that is unmedicated, planned cesarean, induction, or with an epidural. Bring out the colored pencils and draw a picture. Who cares if it looks like a kid drew it?! Set your intention.  

  4. Lactation cookies

    We shared a yummy recipe on Instagram.  Drop a comment on how they turn out for you!  

  5. Create a care package for yourself!

    Check out our affiliates under the Brands We Love!  We want to give a special shout out to Earth Mama Organics for the goodies they sent along.  The heartburn tea was so tasty and helpful in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The mini-4 pack of deodorant was perfect to slip in a purse (and a few for the diaper bag, too!) and increased the comfort-level during “Hell’s Front Porch” stage of summer.   And lastly, the belly oil helped ease the stretching of the belly, and um, all the other growing body parts in the home stretch of pregnancy.  

  6. Dance the baby out

    Recently, we shared a video of a doula client who was up for Zumba during labor! It helped her baby come out faster. Maybe this will work to bring baby to your arms sooner, too!

  7. Read POSITIVE birth stories

    Doulas of Capitol Hill’s motto is Let’s Tell Your Story. We recognize that this is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Check out Summer’s Triplet Birth Story, Elisa’s VBAC Birth Story, or Sarah’s Fast First Time Mom Story.   

  8. Get a massage/ chiropractic / acupuncture

    Doulas of Capitol Hill offers in-home prenatal and induction massage!  Also check out our friends at Lavender Retreat, Chiro Group, or Fertile Living for chiropractic or acupuncture.  

  9. Hydrate/ Red raspberry leaf tea

    We know that drinking red raspberry leaf tea helps prep your uterus for labor. Check with your care provider and then drink up! One of our favorites is Traditional Medicinals, as it’s easily found in most stores.  

  10. Eat dates

    Did you know there is evidence showing that pregnant people who consume dates at the end of pregnancy are more dilated when they come to the hospital  AND are less likely to need pitocin to augment their labor. 

Bonus: Have Sex! If you are a healthy, full-term person, and your bag of water is intact, then sex at the end of pregnancy might result in going into labor sooner and less likely to need an induction.