We started out the month of October sharing the personal thoughts and experiences of people who have been through a miscarriage or infant loss. Today on the blog we are sharing resources for individuals, partners, friends, and support people if they or their loved one has experienced such a devastating loss.

Our culture often tries to put a bandage on grief and offers to “fix it.” Author Megan Devine says in her book It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok, “Grief no more needs a solution than love needs a solution.” It’s with this in mind that we share this list of resources, acknowledging that the loss of a baby is not one that can ever be “fixed,” “gotten over” or “moved on from” but that the experience can be witnessed and supported by loved ones and community as people grieve.

Online/In-person Support Groups

Compassionate Friends online and in-person support for loss of a child, at any time, for any reason

Embracing Grace: Coping with the loss of an infant Northern Virginia Christian resource

L.A.M.P.S- Life After Miscarriage, Perinatal loss, and Stillbirth Fairfax, VA support group

MIS Share (Miscarriage, Infant Loss, and Stillbirth) Falls Church, VA support group

MISS Foundation Counseling, Advocacy, Research, and Education for families experiencing the death of a child

Postpartum Support Virginia grief and loss resources

Postpartum Support International postpartum depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and trauma resources

Star Legacy Foundation HIPPA (privacy compliant) video support groups

Local Therapists

Dr. Emma Basch has advanced training in infertility, perinatal loss, and birth trauma, Washington, DC

Greater Washington Therapy Julie Bindeman, Psy-D, Bethesda, MD

Heather McMillian, LPC- Telemental Health for Virginians, specializing in infertility, perinatal loss, postpartum depression and anxiety, and trauma

Stillbirth/ Infant Loss Photography

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep free gift of professional portraiture

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Meeting the Needs of Parents Pregnant and Parenting After Perinatal Loss by Joann M O’Leary and Jane Warland, “develops a helpful framework, which integrates continuing bonds and attachment theories, to support prenatal parenting at each stage of pregnancy. Giving insight into how a parent’s world view of a pregnancy may have changed following a loss, readers are provided with tools to assist parents on their journey.”

Coping with Infertility, Miscarriage, and Neonatal Loss: Finding Perspective and Meaning by Amy Wenzel “Here, well-known psychologist Amy Wenzel applies the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy a thoroughly-researched approach for treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and stress-related disorders to the experience of reproductive loss. She offers strategies for coping with loss and provides a step-by-step guide to reengaging in life. With warmth and compassion, she helps readers journey toward healing.”

Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for Grieving Mothers by Alexa Bigwarfe “book of hope, love, and support for other parents suffering pregnancy and infant loss, or even the death of an older child. She contacted other writers known in the grief and loss community, and invited them to participate.”

Trainings for Doulas and Birth Attendants

Amy Wright Glenn’s Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss online and in-person trainings

To Labor Perinatal Loss & Traumatic Grief: The Gift of Full Presence for Birth Attendants

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