Doulas of Capitol Hill prides itself on building and running its business from three guiding principles- Supporting the Family, Supporting the Community, and Supporting the Profession. We believe in inclusivity, respect for every family, and participating in dialogue to engage in growth and understanding of those in our communities. In an attempt to do all of these things better, we are proud to announce a 4 hour workshop, led by Dr. Jocelyn Imani, entitled:

Cultural Competency For The Childbirth Profession

Photo by Jani Bryson/iStock / Getty Images

This 4-hour course cultural competency training is for doulas, midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, and other birth workers who serve a multiracial client base. The course will help students learn of how employing best practices of cross-cultural engagement directly impact and enhance the quality of services given to expecting and postpartum mothers of color. The course is intended for practitioners in the field who are committed to changing the world through providing holistic and comprehensive care for their clients.

 This course is designed to build upon the foundation of knowledge attendees already have, not shame or berate them for what they do not know. Expectant and postpartum mothers face many fears, anxieties, and concerns regardless of ethnicity and/or racial background; however, mothers of color and mothers birthing children of color face a uniquely different set of challenges. Many of their apprehensions are exacerbated by the current socio-political climate and increased and omnipresent coverage of horrific events via social and mainstream media. This course is designed to empower birth workers to have the crucial conversations necessary to be more relevant to a diverse 21st century clientele.

Jocelyn Imani is a cultural consultant, historian, and community builder. She holds a PhD in History from Howard University and a B.A. from Fisk University. She has worked with the National Park Service, the Smithsonian Institution, and has been a professor at several institutions. She actively works to make shared space - public lands, museums, educational institutions, etc. - more relevant and accessible to all populations in an ever-changing America. She believes firmly in the power of one and uses her resources to empower individuals - and by extensions organizations and communities - to act as catalysts for change. She is a native of Nashville, TN, but has lived in Washington, DC since 2009.

This workshop will be held Sunday, January 22nd from 1-5 pm in Washington, DC (location TBA). The price of this workshop is $40 per person, but in an effort to make it accessible to everyone who wishes to attend, please feel free to email us if there is a financial hardship. To purchase a ticket, please visit this link or inquire with Emily at

We hope to see anyone and everyone at this workshop, and we thank you for your support in the community!

 Nicole and Emily