Doulas of Capitol Hill loves working alongside nurses! Not only are they there to make sure you and your baby are safe, they are an integral part of your birth team for both physical and mental support. In celebration of Nurse's Week, today we feature Kristin Winston, Labor and Delivery RN at Sibley Memorial Hospital. 

What led you to this career?

 I’ve always had a lot of compassion towards people and love taking care of them so what better than to do it for a living! And ever since I became a nurse I’ve always loved labor and delivery and taking care of mom’s and babies! 

What do you enjoy most about work?

I love being apart of one of the greatest moments in my patient’s lives, which is giving birth! It’s such a special moment when they finally meet their baby!! 

If you are a parent, how was your birth and postpartum?

 It was wonderful! I remember every detail! Going through labor isn't easy, it’s tough and painful, but the moment I delivered my baby it all went away! When they put my baby on my chest it was so surreal, it was greatest moment of my life! The postpartum period was hard initially but snuggling your baby and seeing their sweet face makes up for all the sleepless nights! 

Kristin Labor and Delivery Nurse Sibley Hospital

What resources would you want parents to have?

Childbirth education for the pregnant moms and Emotional support and lactation support during the postpartum period. 

What is one unique thing about your business that your customers/clients love?

I try to make my patients feel as comfortable as possible during the labor process and I will try the best of my ability to carry out their requests for labor and delivery! 

What's one thing you think the world needs to do to improve the lives of new parents (or people living in our service area)?

Stop being judgmental! There are lots of different ways to parent and you do what’s best for your family and you do the best you can (that’s all you can do!!!!!!) 

What do you think is the hardest part of expecting baby or becoming a parent?

Fear of the unknown and fear of making mistakes as a new parent. 

What products or services do you personally love?

I love lanolin cream and gel soothies for that first week of breastfeeding. They are lifesavers! 

How do you start each day?

Waking up my kids! They are my joy and I love to start my day off seeing their smiley, sleepy faces!! 

What's your favorite thing to do in DC?

I love to try new restaurants!