To Download This Printable Click the Link Below!

To Download This Printable Click the Link Below!

Life changes after having a baby. Instead of late night dinners and dancing, there's Netflix and a glass of wine. Instead of negligees there is a new found appreciation for clean clothes. Sometimes its hard to remember what life was like before children, and easy to question where the romance has gone. This Valentine's Day, I encourage you to look at your partner and realize that romance and love are not gone; they too have just changed.

Now I see genuine love in a new way; the way a child looks at his/her Daddy, and  the way a Daddy looks at his daughter or son. (I will caveat that this is my personal view through my own family lens).

It's in the giggles.
It's in the clean kitchen. 
It's dinner on the stove.
It's in goodnight kisses.

It is in small glimpses now, instead of bold gestures, but each one is measurable and meaningful. It is teaching your daughter what romance and love should feel like as she grows.


 I am not the center of my husband's attention anymore, but the beauty of it is I can love with every fiber of my being the person who has stolen his attention; it only makes me love him more. Romance has changed, but there has never been more love.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the Dads out there! Please feel free to download this printable to make your own special Valentine for the Daddy in your life!