For Nature's Epidural.

On occasion people are looking for labor and birth related tools that can help manage pain without the use of medication. Please read below about the tools we have available to better help you manage position and pain during your labor and birth.

Birth Pool

Water birth has been proven to have many benefits, including contributing to shorter birthing times, lowering blood pressure, reducing pain sensations, and promoting relaxation. To read more about waterbirth, please visit Waterbirth International.  Doulas of Capitol Hill currently rent a Birth Pool in a Box and a la Bassine, both available packaged with required accessories or with the option to purchase the accessories independently. For more information on Birth Pool in a Box, please click here. For more information on the la Bassine, click here.



A TENS unit is a portable tool that provides non- pharmaceutical pain relief made specifically for labor. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Four small pads are placed on your back that connect to a handheld machine. In theory, the mild electrical pulses create an ‘access’ gate for pain stimulation, effectively blocking the pain from reaching the brain as quickly or forcefully. The stimulation releases endorphins, provides physical distraction, and the offers the choice to control something during labor, which often can provide emotional distraction as well. 

Birth Stool

A birth stool is made to accommodate various positions during labor and birth, providing appropriate physiological positioning while maintaining comfort. It is designed to be used anyway that is comfortable and effective for you, including sitting alone, with a partner, or even in the water. Doulas of Capitol Hill rents a Kaya Birth Stool because its research based design and portability provides the top of the line support that can be easily used in various birth settings.