There is More Than One Way to Become a Parent.

Doulas are not just for those birthing a baby. Doulas of Capitol Hill provides consistent, reliable support for the transition into parenthood- whether that be for a woman placing her baby with a new family, carrying another family's child or or for any family welcoming a new child into their home. Our goal is to help ensure a smooth transition for the birth mother, the baby and the adoptive family.

Support For The Expectant Woman

Women who are placing a child for adoption or are choosing to be a surrogate face all of the same questions any pregnant woman would face. Doulas of Capitol Hill can provide birth doula support as well as aid in the transition to postpartum. A birth doula is a trained professional that provides continuous physical support and comfort techniques as well as emotional reassurance for the entire labor. We can help navigate questions such as identifying various options for your birth plan and postpartum choices that are unique to your situation and will always provide consistent, unbiased support for the mother, including helping provide balanced communication with the adoptive/surrogate family if requested. 

Support For The New Family

New families that are adopting or using a surrogate often are not prepared for how quickly life can change when bringing home a new baby. There are wide held beliefs that because someone didn't give birth that the postpartum period doesn't exist or because you have waited so long you should be prepared for the obstacles with open arms. Doulas of Capitol Hill understand that even if you did not give birth to your child it does not mean that transitions are easy. We offer birth support in open adoptions and surrogacy to provide consistent support across families, post-placement live in packages to aid newborn support, and most importantly, non-biased help for the family transition.